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Set prices are set for the quantities listed.

Any Length & Design.

Designs must be mixed. If you request All Bling sets prices may change.

Send Designs Via DM on IG or email before ordering.

20 piece sets are also an extra fee.

Sets 10-49 receive glue and custom packaging. Labels are an extra fee.

Set: 50-100+ receive free application kits, custom packaging, labels are an extra fee.

MOQ 10 sets per order.

Shipping is free for wholesale orders!

You can now choose sets from my page. You may also send other nail inpo photos.

Processing can be 3-5 weeks for order 10-15 sets. Orders of 20-50 may take up to 4-8 weeks. Orders of 50+ will be sent out in shipments of 25 at a time.

Shipping will be done Priority through USPS.

Wholesale Nails (READ DESCRIPTION)

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